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Miss Vixen

Between the pinup contestants and the Kansas City Society of Burlesque, almost 20 gals were backstage, and no one’s claws were out!  Ha ha… Not what one might expect in a pageant environment, but in the Kansas City Pinup Community that Vixen Pinup Photography and Retro Vixen boutique have helped to cultivate, pinup girls and savvy boys alike got together this past Thursday at Knucklehead’s to celebrate some red-hot hot-rod culture, and to debut Vixen Pinup’s 2011 calendar! (FYI, the first printing of the calendar has sold out, and the girls are taking orders for the next run… Contact them for details!)

Eleven beautiful pinup contestants vied for the honor of carry the title for the coming year. Ashley, Amanda, Daretha, Katie O., Ruby Sunset, Dolly DuMaul, Gretchen, Margaret, Betsy Booms, Ave Martini, and Emily strutted their stuff, first in vintage and vintage-inspired bathing suits, then in costume (for the talent portion of our evening), and finally in pinup worthy dresses. Mr. Artemus Vulgaris and I were honored to emcee the pageant, aided by the lovely pick up artiste Bijou Merlot. I always have a good time improvising with Mr. Vulgaris, and improvising was what we did. I always think it’s the little unexpected moments and how you handle them that really are the icing on the cake of a show. (When Katie O.’s music was off cue we did a little impromptu can-can number, for example.) The night’s judges were Nikki Moreno and Candy Cunningham of Vixen Pinup Photography, Melissa Evans of Retro Vixen boutique, and Little Rachel of Little Rachel and the Rhythm Busters. The beautiful Gretchen went home with the crown, with Margaret as first runner up, and the fetching Betsy Booms coming in close as second runner up.  I want to mention something that I absolutely loved about this group of gals. Though many of them hadn’t met before, and they were competing against each other, the mood backstage stayed light and fun all evening. Ladies were helping other ladies into their corsets, passing safety pins, styling each other’s hair… It was a dream.

After the pageant portion of the evening, Arty segued nicely into a (a)rousing rendition of ‘A Little Less Conversation’. He was followed by burlesque performances from Kitty von Minx who did her classic ‘Marahuana’ fandance, Violet Vendetta in a classic tease to ‘Harlem Nocturne’, Daisy Bucket with her rousing rendition of ‘Stuff Like That There’, Honey Valentine with ‘Slowly But Surely’, Veronica Voodoo who always makes me feel like a ‘Natural Woman’, and Your’s Truly with my rendition of ‘Whatever Annie Wants’ and my classic strip to ‘Toot’s Shore’s Blues’. We were assisted by our own lovely pick up gal, Scarlet LaFever. Following the Kansas City Society of Burlesque, Little Rachel and the Rhythm Busters took the stage, and they took it good. Ahem.

Congrats, again, to the lovely new Miss Vixen, Gretchen! Rock that tiara like I know you will!

Click for  an article from Pitch Weekly.


Interview with Daisy Buckët

Daisy Buckët is an entertainment force to be reckoned with. She (also known as “he”, a gentleman by the name of Spencer Brown) is The Kansas City Society of Burlesque’s resident drag queen, as well as a prolific solo performer. Spencer is also “Trampolina Sicks” of the Kinsey Sicks, the World’s only dragapella beauty shop quartette.  Spencer answers a few of my questions about inspiration, striptease, and The Golden Girls.

Daisy by Drew Orrin-Brown

How long have you been a performer?

My first solo stage performance came about during a talent show when I was in the fifth grade. I was eleven years old and sang “Some People” from the musical “Gypsy” wearing my grandmother’s clothes. Since then I have enjoyed performing and that was… Well, if I told you how many years ago, then you’d know my age… So let’s just say I’ve only been performing for a few months now. I am also a 2006 graduate from New York’s American Musical & Dramatic Academy and really started getting work when I did a few shows with Ron Megee’s Late Night Theatre (“A Scarrie Carrie Christmas Carol”, “Disaster ’74”).

How would you describe your performance style?

Campy, I suppose. I love to sing but I also love a good-natured ribbing and slapstick and blue jokes. I’ve never been big on improvisation and when I hear the word I get terrified but people tell me I do it well. I guess people need to see more live entertainment.

How did your stage name come about?

I developed it in 2006 and used my favorite character in literature, Daisy Buchanan from Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”. I love that she’s this blonde, attractive, seemingly sweet and naive person but, in the end, she’s the reason two people are dead. She’s bad news. I knew that was the main structure for my character. I also knew ‘Buchanan’ would never take off so I referenced the name “Bucket” from the British comedy, “Keeping Up Appearances”, where a middle-class woman who tries to be the elite upper class insists her last name is pronounced ‘bouquet’. I love a good running gag.

Daisy by Vixen Pinup Photography

I’m a fan of that show as well… What initially attracted you to burlesque?

Strangely, I never thought I would fall into burlesque. When I was nine, I saw the TV version of the musical “Gypsy” with Bette Midler. The musical is the story of burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee’s childhood and her overbearing stage mother. I remember when that movie aired, we video taped it and my sister and I would dress up and do the “Gotta Get a Gimmick” number. I had no idea that what I was doing at that age was a song about the art of striptease! Since then I’ve always had a fondness for burlesque. I love the idea of women being sexy and funny and adding a layer of creativity to striptease. I guess that’s what appeals to me -the ‘tease’ in striptease. It’s not just about taking your clothes off, there’s an elegance to it and a playfulness about it. I think it’s a very beautiful form of entertainment.

Who makes your costumes?

Not me! Most of my costumes can be found from various thriftstores and bargain basements. About 90% of my closet comes from Boomerang in midtown. I can always find something at Boomerang. I’ve been going there for quite a few years now.

What do YOU like to see on stage? What entertains you? What inspires you as a performer?

I like to see performers having a good time. I like performers owning their craft. I get uncomfortable watching timid people perform or people that haven’t spent a lot of time working on their act. That’s why I change the channel with all of these reality ‘variety’ programs (“America’s Got Talent”, “American Idol”). I can be amused very easily though. I love vaudeville routines and new takes on old skits. I am always fond of a good singer. To me, a good singer is one that can emote and put meaning to the lyrics their singing. I can only aspire to be that good some day.

What’s your pet peeve?

How did you know about my pet, Peeve?! He’s doing great. Best dog I’ve ever had.

Who are your favorite performers, both vintage and contemporary?

Daisy by Vixen Pinup Photography

I’m sure you’d be surprised if I told you that I think Bette Midler is the greatest entertainer we have today. I also love Marlene Dietrich and Bette Davis. There’s a certain elegance about them and they also worked very hard. They were known as very dominant women and I’m sure they didn’t take no bull from anyone. I like that.

What’s an interesting fact about yourself that you don’t think your fans would guess?

When I get ready for a show and am painting my face, I always have “The Golden Girls” playing on a small TV next to me.

Do you have any advice for burlesque/drag performers just starting out?

Own it. Find your niche. Find what makes you unique and what you have to offer that makes you interesting to watch and own your performance.

Find Daisy at The Kansas City Society of Burlesques Monthly Revue at Korruption, November 20th, and on facebook.

A Great Opening Night!

Last night was opening night for the Kansas City Society of Burlesque’s 2010 Kansas City Fringe Festival show. It was a great night with a standing room only crowd! Three more shows: tonight at 7pm and 11:30pm, and Saturday night at 10pm.  Advance Tickets available here.

And a quick tease shot at (un)dress rehearsal…

Very special thanks to Sarah Crowe, Micheal S. Dirnberger, and Morgan Kelly!

Gypsies, Tramps, and Queens

Annie Cherry & Daisy Buckët Present


One Night Only All-Star Cabaret Burlesque Revue


Kansas City, Missouri – March 28th, 2010, at 7pm


1522 McGee St., Kansas City, Missouri

Live show will be followed by a screening of the 1993 TV Movie


starring Bette Midler & Cynthia Gibb

$10 admission

Proceeds go to

AIDS Walk Kansas City:

A Benefit for AIDS Services Foundation of Greater Kansas City

21 & Over


Hosted by:

•Daisy Buckët

From the Kansas City Society of Burlesque:

•Annie Cherry

•Bindlestiff Willy

•Lucky Deluxe

•Veronica Voodoo

•Honey Valentine

From Burlesque Downtown Underground:

•Sweet Louise

•Miss Kitty

From Kansas City Cabaret:

•Wicholas Grimm

•Mary Magdalene

And also featuring:

•Ron Megee

•Beth Byrd

•Satowi & M’chelle of Anahita Bellydance

•Eartha Delights

•Dolly De Maul

•Bijou Merlot

•Voler, Thieves of Flight, Aerial Fabrics Acrobats

•Lethal Lily, visiting from Germany

AND a SLEW of fun giveaways & prizes!

March 28th, 2010

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