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Happy birthday, Mom. I love you.


Wedding Inspiration – Part 3

Wedding Inspiration – Part 2

Wedding Inspiration – Part 1

Do you PostSecret?

New secrets posted every Sunday.

Makeup At The Next Level

Kandee Johnson = Makeup Brilliance. Check out this and her many, many other beauty tutorials.

One Last Thing

“One last thing. Now, they found out that elephants in India, you know they have to wear a big bell around their necks so people know where they are all the time, and you can imagine how fucking annoying that must be, you know, especially in the middle of the night when you’re hungry. So now, elephants scoop up a big hunk of mud and they stick it in the bell to dampen the clapper and then they go off in the middle of the night and steal bananas. Pretty good.” -Tom Waits

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